Who is Chris Carlson Photography?

About Us

Originally from Arkansas, Chris, has grown up loving sports and started his photography journey in high school over 20 years ago. Over the years Chris has been recognized in various photo contests. In the beginning photography was a hobby, but has turned into a passion and a career. Much like the athletes he photographs Chris refuses to stop getting better at his craft and pushing the limits of what he and his gear can handle. Chris provides a service that not only preserves this moment in time for your athlete and/or senior, but that you can display confidently for years to come.


  • Make sure that your email and phone numbers are correct or we will not be able to respond to your inquiry.
  • Senior sessions catered to each individual using props and locations that tell who they are right now as a senior.
  • Senior Banners that standout and make players feel the importance of their senior year.
  • Team & Individual photos that look great and can be displayed with confidence.
  • Fundraising and Kickbacks available for clubs and sports organizations.
  • Individual game and event coverage is available.
  • Quality professional prints and products available to order with all session.
  • Base booking fee of $300 for senior sessions.
  • Team and Individual packages starting at $25 per player.
  • Confidence in knowing that you are with someone who cares.



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