Team & Individual Photo Information

In an effort to get your photos & products to you faster all ordering is now done online through Photoday. Most orders are in hand within 7 days of ordering. On top of being faster the amount of products we can offer has expanded to include all kinds of fun stuff! You can access team galleries by visiting and entering the access code provided to you through your team. You can also text your access code to 90738 to gain access to your gallery. Every gallery you opt-in to with an email or phone number will be accessible through that email or phone number. Moving online removes the need for invoices as you can order when you are ready as long as it is done before the gallery expires. Galleries are set to auto expire 90 days after published. This also eliminates lost and misplaced order forms and orders. For those that are interested we also offer AdvancePay that works like a giftcard and often comes with incentives such as free shipping or a discount. More on AdvancePay below.

Adavnce Pay Information

So what is an AdvancePay credit?

AdvancePay (AP) is PhotoDay's answer to traditional pre-pay. Whereas with paper forms, parents would select their photo packages and pay before photos were taken—with AdvancePay, customers can purchase a credit before picture day that they can apply to their photo order after picture day. AP is connected to the number/email you use when opting into to your teams gallery, and will be applied to any purchase made from that device/number.

AdvancePay is like giving yourself  a gift card! You have the opportunity to purchase a credit before picture day that you can apply to your order after picture day. If you're reading this, it's probably because your photographer is offering AdvancePay for your child's picture day. Lucky you!

Why should I purchase an AdvancePay credit?

Get a jump on your child's picture day when you purchase an AdvancePay credit. With AdvancePay, you may get to enjoy discounts, giveaways, or shipping offers that may not be available after picture day. The best part? You're not locked into any package! You can apply your credit after you see your child's photos to any products or packages that you like. 

How do I purchase an AdvancePay credit?

You will receive a unique code for your child's picture day that you can text to 90738 and in return you'll receive a link - or - your photographer may provide you with a direct web link. Either way, once you've clicked the link, you will see the option to purchase AdvancePay credits. Once you purchase the credit, the photographer may provide you with a coupon code to take advantage of the special offer they’ve set up for all the early birds! You can apply this coupon at the time that you place your photo order.

Can I use my AdvancePay credit for more than one child?

Yes! You can apply your AdvancePay credit to more than one child as long as the galleries were photographed by the same studio.

Does AdvancePay include taxes, shipping, and handling?

AdvancePay does not include taxes, shipping, & handling. Shipping and handling will vary based on product ordered and shipping requirements.

If I don't use all of my AdvancePay what happens to it?

Any unused balance is non-refundable, but can be used on future galleries as long as the attached email/number is used. AdvancePay does not expire.

Advance Pay Contact Form

Use this form if you have any further questions about AdvancePay or have lost access to a gallery or any other concerns connected to an order.

Thank you for your continued support of Chris Carlson Photography!

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