About Chris Carlson Photography

Carlson family peaking over edge.

Hi, I am Chris Carlson.

Husband, father, nerd, lover of sports, and avid Arkansas Razorback fan . I've been married to my wonderful wife, Rachel, since April 2005. Rachel is my rock and supports me in almost every crazy idea I have. A lot of times you can find Rachel assisting on my sessions. I'm also a proud dad to Christin & Kylee since 2014.

Guy with a wand levitating a tesseract.

Chris with his Mad-Eye Moody Wand and Tesseract.

If someone had told me 20 years ago that I would be combining 3 things I wanted the most and making a career out of it I would have never believed you, but here we are.

My first camera was an old Minolta SRT101 that was given to me by my HS girlfriends dad. I'm not even sure if he meant for me to just play with it or to keep it, but I hope that somewhere he knows that camera did not go to waste. You can find some of my first couple years work at the bottom of this page. I quickly fell in love with photography. Entering contests at local fairs and winning first place in many of them over multiple categories. I've always had at least a point and shoot nearby and have always valued the photos I take. In 2014 my sister gifted me her older DSLR that she no longer was using. That camera ignited a fire in me. Rekindled the love and started a journey.


Below you will find a small selection of the photos I took when I first started with a film camera in 1999.

Beaver bridge in Beaver Arkansas.
Old church steeple.
Bright red rose bush.
Vibrant pink rose with rose buds.
Father and daughter closeup.
Three birdhouses
Ducks on a pond.
Cheerleader holding another cheerleader up.
Dirt road.
Roses with a variety of pinks.
The Saint Louis Arch